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    No matter how careful you are, you can still become a victim of identity theft. Each day, criminals find new ways to steal personal information, like Social Security and driver’s license numbers, so they can take over existing accounts and open fraudulent new ones. BWD is now offering Deluxe ID TheftBlock Plus a product that can offer our customers identity theft protection. 
    Deluxe ID TheftBlock Plus Features: 
    • Description - Identity theft detection and recovery solution available for a $4.49 monthly fee.  
    • Proactive Credit Bureau Monitoring - Ongoing monitoring of credit files each business day. Service begins upon enrollment  
    • Security Alerts - Ongoing notification of changes or inquiries to credit bureau records as long as membership is kept current.  
    • Membership Kit - Personalized creditor contact information, insurance certificate, and other essential information is sent immediately after enrollment  
    • Credit Report - For electronic fulfillment, consumers have anytime, on-line access to his or her credit report during the first 90 days. For offline fulfillment, a hard copy will be mailed to enrollees via U.S. Mail.  
    • Recovery Support and Resources - Qualified, personal assistance from an Identity Theft Recovery Unit.  
    • Fraud Prevention e-Newsletter - Helpful fraud information sent monthly via e-mail.  
    • Deluxe Check-Order Screening - Monitoring Deluxe check orders for signs of account take-over for as long as the consumer is enrolled.  
    • Expense Reimbursement - Up to $2,500 for qualified expenses as a result of identity theft, at no additional cost to the consumer, after a $250 deductible.  
    Click here to find more information or to enroll in Deluxe ID TheftBlock Plus  

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