• Financing your home doesn't have to be difficult.

    Make your home-buying process easier by applying through our Online Mortgage Center. This convenient online service makes the process simple and personalized. Finish the application in as little as 20 minutes, or save it for later!

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  • Planning an Adventure?

    To help us protect your funds while traveling, please:

    1. Inform BWD if you plan to use your debit card.
    2. Confirm BWD has the correct phone number on file.
    3. Remember to bring a second form of payment in case of an emergency or unforeseen issue.
    We do our best to protect you and your account from potential fraud. By helping us prepare for your upcoming travel, we can ensure continued access to your funds.
  • Equipment Leasing for Your Growing Business.

    Did you know we now offer equipment leasing with 100% financing, fixed rates and flexible payment options? Our leases are relationship-based, not transaction-based.

    Commercial, restaurant, office, etc...almost any type of equipment qualifies.

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